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Examination Results

The school is an English curriculum school. Students are entered for the IGCSE (International General Certificate of Secondary Education) examination at the end of Year 11 when they are 16, and for the A (Advanced) Level examination at the end of Year 13 when they are 18. All examinations are set by Cambridge International Examinations (CIE).

At IGCSE the school averages 85% of all examinations at grade C and above, with 40% of our IGCSE grades at A or A*. Most of our students each take 8 IGCSEs.

At AS (Advanced Subsidiary) Level, taken at the end of Year 12, our students on average achieve a 95% pass rate with around 50% of grades at A or B. This examination is the first half of the full A Level.

At A2, the full A Level taken at the end of Year 13, our students in most years achieve a 100% pass rate with an average of nearly 60% of grades at A*/A/ B.

Every year our students win CIE prizes which in recent years have included the Top in Thailand prizes in popular subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

Examination Results 2016

Year 11 achieved 88% of all their IGCSEs at grades A* to C, the highest in the school's history. 37% of all IGCSE grades were at A*/A.

Fourth received 8 A*/A grades, Pooh and Soi received 7 A*/A grades.

Year 12 achieved a 94% pass rate at AS Level with Cherie achieving an A in all subjects.

Year 13 achieved a 97% pass rate at A level with Buddy receiving A*/A in all subjects.

We congratulate all of our students who took IGCSE and A Level examinations this year.