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Enrichment activities

Sep 07 2022

Enrichment activities are now in their second week and proving very popular. Our diverse programme sees pupils undertaking physical activities and academic problem-solving tasks. Pupils are supported and encouraged to follow their interests to complement their learning and try something new.

3D Pen, Aerobics Dance, Arts and crafts, Ballet, Basketball, Chess Club, Chinese Art & Culture, Chinese pop songs, Coding, Community Service, Dance, Dance activity with Chinese songs, Debating and/or Public speaking, Drama games, Drawing club, English through Songs, Film club, Football, Fun Phonics, House Captains, ICT Club, Inclusive Games, Inline Skating, International Award, Lego, Math Challenge, Mathematical Foundations, Mathematics Problem Solving and Games, Mathematics Enrichment, Meet the Animals in Mandarin, Mindful colouring, MUN, Nature Explores Club, Origami club, Papiermaché, Phonics/vocab club, Primary choir, Primary Rock Band, Psychology clinic (sixth form), Read and Relax, Reading/book club (English, Mandarin, and Thai), Robotic, Scrabble, Story Club, Swimming, Taekwondo, Team games / active games, Thai Dance, Thai Flower Garlands, Thai fun games, Thai Martial, Thai Music Club, Thai Story, The Write to Cook, Toys Photography, Turn Taking / Traditional Games Club, Volleyball and Yoga (Mindfulness) & Games