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KS2 Sports Day

Mar 30 2021

Monday 29 March saw the honed athletes of the Key Stage 2 children compete in their annual Sports Day. In the morning the children from Years 3 and 4 competed for the honour of winning the House Cup, and after a highly strenuous, entertaining and truly sportsperson like 2 hours Dragon House emerged as Milepost 2 champions. In the afternoon it was the turn for Years 5 and 6 to compete. Again true sporting prowess came to the fore and after another 2 hours of competitive yet friendly endeavours Erawan were crowned as House winners. The whole event was very well organised by our PE department, and we had a great number of parents come to watch, and participate too. I think special  mention must go to all involved who showed great resilience on a very warm day. Well done.

More Photos Link: https://bit.ly/39nN15B