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Songkran Festival Day 2021

Apr 05 2021

Songkran Celebrations at St. Stephen's Bangkok started on Friday 2 April, which marked the last day of the term. The ceremony began with the Monks Ceremony early in the morning. This year there were many parents and children involved offering non-perishable food to the monks. Children of each key stage then attended the water ceremony for the Buddha image and for the teachers in order to receive a blessing and good luck for the New Year.
Early Years students chose their favourite kinds of kites and enjoyed colouring and decorating their kites. They had learned to know the name of kites; Chula, Snake, Blowfish and Butterfly kites. They had fun playing with their own kites. They also get a kite to play with parents at home during the Songkran holiday. 

In Primary Years, students learned about “Nam-Op” – traditional Thai perfume and “Din-Sor-Pong” – white clay filler, and how they are used in various auspicious occasions including Songkran festival. They also gained firsthand experience of making scented water for pouring over Buddha images and the hands of elders. It was nice to see students enthusiastically taking part in the activity. 

Secondary students have learned making Potpourri, which contains mixed dry flowers; Thai scented candles and Thai perfume. They have enjoyed making the flower sachets which can be used as a room freshener, for their classrooms or at home.

All the students, and staff, had a great time participating in Songkran activities and they all dressed up in traditional Thai costumes or Songkran shirts to suit the occasion. Have a good rest during Songkran holiday.  

More Photos Link: https://bit.ly/31LJyK5