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Songkran Celebrations

Apr 07 2017

The St. Stephen's community celebrated Songkran throughout the day on Friday 7th April, the last day of Term 2.

We were delighted that a large number of parents joined us, with their children, in the Canteen before the start of the school day to make merit by presenting gifts to the group of monks from a local temple who visit us annually at this time of year. This event always provides a formal and dignified start to our Songkran day.

During the morning all the students in each part of the school paid respects to all the teachers in their section of the school in a series of traditional Thai water pouring ceremonies, with coconut ice cream and Thai snacks served after each ceremony.

In the afternoon students, and quite a few teachers too, celebrated the end of term with periods of water play on the football field which left all the participants suitably soaked to the skin before changing into dry clothes and starting the school holiday.