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St. Stephen's Sports Day

Jun 06 2018

On Friday, June 1, St. Stephen’s students and staff joined together in competitive spirit to participate in the Annual KS2 – KS5 Sports Day, hosted at Brighton College Bangkok. The Physical Education team organised a well-structured and enjoyable experience for everyone.
The St. Stephen’s house team colours – red, yellow, green and blue – were clearly visible throughout the arena, painting a big rainbow of team and school spirit. Students from every year group were challenged throughout the day, as they were each responsible for competing in various athletic events in the effort to collect as many points for their house as possible. Their drive and determination to positively represent their house team also pushed many to win medals.

The atmosphere on the day was fantastic and it was amazing to see so many students taking part, trying their best and encouraging their teammates to do well. There was also amazing support from the parents, who also joined in with the competitive, yet fun spirit of the day.

A big thank you from the PE Department to everyone who took part and we looking forward to running this event again next year.