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VDO St. Stephen's STEAM Week

Mar 20 2019

As part of the SIS STEAM Week (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Mathematics) students were challenged to design a new toy. Their brief was to ensure it had a Science element, that they designed and built the toy, that it was colourful and had an ability to collect data.

In Reception, we made Bubble Sticks using different shapes.
In Year 1, we made Kaleidoscopes using different shapes and colours.
In Year 2, we made Marble Mazes using clay.
In Year 3, we tested friction, designing a game to slow down a car on a race track.
In Year 4, we made a Marble Labyrinth which included a maze.
In Year 5, we made a Marble Run, again using different materials to slow the marble down. The aim was to ensure the marble took 60 seconds to complete the course
In Year 6, we made Trebuchets and introduced points scoring through an Angry Birds model.