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Y10 / Y11 Visit to Klong Klune Mangrove Conservation Centre

Oct 24 2017
On Friday 6 October, we took all of our Year 10 students and our Year 11 Geography students to visit the Phu Yai Chong Homestay, a Mangrove conservation and eco-tourism site in Klong Klune. The students got to witness first- hand how a mangrove forest ecosystem develops and how the mangrove adapts to the shallow, saline conditions found at the coastline. They also learnt about how this area had been conserved by loc...als and had become an eco-tourism site. It was interesting to hear how the local environment had been degraded by a shrimp factory, but the locals recognised this and had started to put their efforts into setting up a conservation site instead. This increased the biodiversity in the local area and also benefitted the community by raising incomes through fishing. Conservation is covered on the Thai IGCSE syllabus and the Mangrove Ecosystem and EcoTourism are topics on the IGCSE Geography syllabus, so this should help our students in their upcoming exams.