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Military Service


Thailand maintains an element of conscription for its military personnel.  Men aged 21 who have not completed the training for the military reserve may be conscripted for up to two years, depending upon their personal circumstances.

The school supports students in Year 10 through to Year 13 who wish to participate in the military training programme to enter the Army Reserve Force, known as Ror Dor.  Students who complete the military training programme gain the rank of Seargeant in the Thai Army Reserve Affairs Centre and are exempted from the requirement for military service when they reach the age of 21.  The military training programme is open to both boys and girls and the school has staff who have been trained by the military to support this programme.

Military Testing

Towards the end of Year 10 students with Thai nationality or Dual Nationality including Thai Nationality who are interested in the military training programme are invited to attend a military testing session, usually held in Pak Chong.  Students will undergo physical tests including press ups, sit ups and running 800 m.  Students passing the tests will be able to enrol onto the three year training programme.  PE lessons and additional training sessions during Year 10 will provide students with an opportunity to develop the physical skills and stamina necessary to pass these tests.

Military Training Programme

The military training programme takes place over three years.  The methodology of delivery of this differs around Thailand.  In Pak Chong, students attend a training camp each year, which is usually held in Pak Chong at Pak Ching School around the start of September.  Each camp is just under two weeks long. Students learn a range of skills to develop skills such as resilience and team work. As well as training in drills, students undertake training in other areas such as gymnastics, fire fighting and target practice with rifles.  Students may need to attend a shorter camp later in the year as well.