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All students from Years 1 to 13 belong to one of our 4 Houses. We believe that being part of a House gives a child a real sense of belonging and community, and gives them a chance to work as part of a team with students from different parts of the school. This helps them with their self-confidence and cooperation skills, enabling them to become well-rounded individuals and providing real opportunities to practise their leadership skills.

Our Houses are named after Western and Thai mythical creatures, reflecting our ethos of ‘East meets West’. The House names were selected by our students. We believe that students should be recognised and rewarded for all of their efforts and achievements and consequently award House points for all events and competitions in which students participate as well as for their day to day school activities. 

House points count towards several individual and team awards at the end of the year as well as the coveted House Cup, which is awarded at our end of year House Awards Ceremony .