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Dodgeball Student Report

Sep 15 2016

Mr. Nifty announced that we would be playing Dodgeball. He explained the rules briefly. I wasn’t wearing my usual aurelian coloured shirt, which is my team’s colour.

The first match was Yellow against Blue. As I walked towards the yellow starting line, whispers started to cloud the big room..

The game was starting. We were all on the floor, and so was the other team. A loud noise resonated from the whistle in Mr. Nifty’s hands. The noise pierced through the room as feet hit the ground repeatedly. I stayed behind, avoiding the risk of getting hit and Blue got most of the balls. They were thrown at our team, aimed for our feet. Dodging the first few balls thrown at me, I instinctively looked behind me. Mr. Nifty has stated that if you’re out, you’re out. No throwing balls from the sides. That was a relief. I could see people next to me throwing balls at the opposite team. We now had fewer people than Blue did. Several thoughts ran through my mind. ‘We’re gonna lose,’ was the first thought that reached my mind - or, maybe we might win. 

After quite a long while, I felt a hard force collide with my feet. “Out!” some random person yelled. I mentally rolled my eyes at how fast they were to point that out. Hongbin was the last person on our team. He got the second last person out, but Jade caught the ball that Hongbin threw at her, causing Hongbin to be out. The cheering died down.

The next match was Yellow and Red. We had to go again, really? Wanting to avoid the risk of being publicly humiliated by losing again, I decided to try my best. I stayed behind, like always. Adrenaline rushed through my veins. We might win this round, who knows. Fay was at the front dodging and throwing. I wasn’t very good at aiming the ball, so maybe staying behind is the best choice. 

Without me noticing, the people in Red went down in numbers. We now had the upper advantage in this match. Once again, I was hit. Out I go. Mentally cheering for Yellow, I walked out of the field. We could win if we tried, there were two Reds left, and lots of Yellows. Fay was out, so we went to drink water. I missed out on a bit, so I wasn’t very aware of the winning team until I saw Yellow cheering really loudly. That probably meant we won. That’s a good thing.

Next and last match was Blue against Red. I was positive Blue would win, but Red might win, too. I was cheering for blue, because Jade was in that team. That’s a idiotically stupid reason, but still. Friendship will be friendship. Cardinal and azure shirts were seen everywhere. Blue got the most balls, since they had the fastest runners. “Blue! Blue!” the cheering got louder every second. Blue hit a few Reds out, which caused the cheering to almost destroy my ears. Resting my hands against my ears, I kept my eyes on the game.

Blue was very close to winning, with about two Reds and lots of Blues, it was obvious Blue would win. Well, Red could win, but the chance of them winning was very thin. Blue hit the second last Red out. The cheering got even louder. The sound of balls hitting the ground continued, until Blue hit out the last Red.