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International Day

Feb 09 2017

On Thursday 9th February, all the secondary students worked in their house groups to research and make presentations with video clips about different countries around the world. This was a new initiative as part of their PSHE programme to encourage students to view the world through different lenses which is one of the key benefits of an international education. They created artefacts like didgeridoos, performed traditional dances and songs, produced art work and cooked and tasted food from the different cultures. Red House taught the other houses some Welsh language and made Welsh cakes and Bara Brith and cooked samosas from Kenya. Yellow House shared stories from Mongolia along with pasties as well as Australian fare including famous ANZAC (Australian New Zealand Army Corps) biscuits and fairy bread. Blue House had costumes from the Caribbean along with fruit drinks served in coconuts and they also performed a wonderful Japanese Tea Ceremony in addition to treating us to freshly made salmon and tuna sushi. The students themselves voted for the best presentations by assessing the social, economic, cultural, geographic information and languages about which they had learned. A tremendous amount of hard work was done by the students and this resulted in a high standard of final presentation. Their teachers must be acknowledged for their input and guidance. The final result was that Blue House won the competition largely due to an outstanding presentation on Japan, which included a piano recital of The Path of the Wind by Pimploy. Congratulations to all the students who participated in this new event. They were collectively rewarded as being Students of the Week.