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Visit from Mongkut Khiriwan School for the Blind

Mar 01 2019

On Tuesday 26 February Ms Pat arranged for six students from Mongkut Khiriwan School for the blind to come to SISKY, to swim with the Soggy Buns club. There were three boys, Vego, Peak and Third and three girls, Op, Nam and Bell. None of them had ever been in a swimming pool that was as deep as ours before. Even though there was a brief shower of rain they thoroughly enjoyed themselves. After swimming, all the students were rewarded with freshly oven baked British scones with Thai mango jam prepared by Mr Christian and Ohm.  In the true spirit of “Where East meet West” all our club students excelled in taking good care of the visitors by guiding them around the canteen, the stairs and in the pool itself. As our student character profile focus was compassion during February this was a timely and heartwarming display of how empathetic our students can be. We look forward to repeating this activity in the future to build closer links with the school and their students. As it is close to the busy end of the Thai school year a big thank you to Miss Pat who persevered to initiate this connection at this time.