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Boat Jelly Cups by EY

Oct 11 2019

The Pearls had a wonderful morning cooking  today. We made boat jelly cups. First we looked at all of the ingredients we were going to use; oranges, jelly, cookies and fish crackers. We then had a chat about the beach and what you see at the beach and how you can travel along water. We came up with some fantastic ideas. We then started making our boat cups. The Pearls had to use a hammer a crush up the cookies, the crushed cookies represent sand. We then scooped some of the crushed cookies ‘sand’ into our cups. We then scooped some wiggly wobbly blue jelly into our cups representing the ocean and added some fish cookies into our sea. Lastly, we put and orange slice on top of the jelly to represent a boat! It was such a fun activity.