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Chinese New Year 2023 新年快乐。

Jan 20 2023

The Mandarin Department planned a wonderful day for the whole school. Following the National Anthem in Pavilion 2, parents of students of all ages joined in the fun, walking with their child as part of the Chinese New Year Parade, out onto the field in a riot of red. Shortly after, the excitement really took off with the appearance of the dancers; lions, a baby lion cub, a rabbit and finally the dragon, all meandering around the field, bringing good fortune on everyone in attendance.  Placing hongbao into the mouth of the rabbit, dragon or lion is especially auspicious, with the gift in recognition for the amazing performance the dancers put on for us too.


国语部为全校安排了美好的一天。 随着2号馆的国歌响起,各年龄段学生的家长们也加入了进来,带着他们的孩子作为中国新年游行的一部分,在一片红色中走上了操场。 不久之后,表演者: 狮子、小狮子、兔子、和龙,都在场地上开心地表演,为在场的每个人带来好运。 把红包放在兔子、龙或狮子的嘴里是特别吉祥的,也是为了表彰舞者为我们带来的精彩表演。