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Congratulations to Nana, Year 13

May 18 2021

Nana, currently in Year 13 at St. Stephen's, has realised a long term goal to study Medicine. She has been accepted by the Ramathibodi Faculty of Medicine onto a seven year double degree programme with a Masters of Management in Healthcare, at Mahidol University. Her interest in the Sciences, particularly Biology and Chemistry really grew in Year 9, and she is currently considering Neuroscience or Psychiatry as a specialism. From early on, Nana realised that for such a competitive course, she would need more than outstanding academic grades. Her commitment to community work and sport at St. Stephen's helped her develop as someone who has the right personality for a career that is dedicated to helping others, as well as the determination and self-confidence to know that she is capable of one of the toughest degree courses currently available. 
We are very proud of what Nana has achieved, and she is the first to thank her teachers for their support and guidance, whilst we recognise that she has really made the most of every opportunity made available to her.