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Loy Krathong Day 2019

Nov 13 2019
To give our students the opportunity to participate in one of our traditional festivals, St. Stephen’s International School organised its annual Loy Krathong Celebration on Monday 11 th  November 2019.  The whole school paraded together in their glorious Thai costumes and then spent the day in a range of activities.
In Early Years, after the Loy Krathong Procession, the children and parents enjoyed participating in fun activities i.e. egg spoon game, taking photos with the Loy Krathong backdrop and floating krathongs with their friends.
In Primary Years, the event programme started with the Loy Krathong procession, followed by a stage performance and then making of krathongs. This year we raise environmental awareness among the children on how to celebrate the Loy Krathong festival in the most environmentally conscious and eco-friendly way.
The Secondary School celebrated Loy Krathong this year with the Year 9 students explaining the history of the festival and the beliefs of people in South East Asia with respect to Loy Krathong to all of the secondary students in a great presentation. This was followed by Year 10 girls performing the Loy Krathong song in collaboration with Year 11 boys who performed a Thai traditional dance. The celebration ended with Year 11 girls presenting four regions of traditional Thai dresses and the particular customs related to Loy Krathong in those regions. In the afternoon the students all joined in making environmentally friendly krathongs.
It was good to see our students, staff and parents dressing up in traditional Thai costume and enjoying the Loy Krathong celebration.