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Mr Nick's favourite book

Dec 19 2022

Happy Holidays! To bring the #loveofreading to everyone and share ideas about your favourite book! 

Mr Nick Diplos, our Head of Mathematics shares his favourite book; "Fermat's Last Theorem" by Dr. Simon Singh 

What is it about?
"Fermats Last Theroem is a story about the adventure to solve the world’s most notorious mathematical problem. It looks like a problem that is simple enough for a Year 11 student to solve - but in fact, puzzled mathematicians for centuries."
 Why do I like this book?
"It’s a book which seems to be about mathematics on the surface but in actual fact, is a story about history, mystery and obsession. You would assume you have to enjoy maths to like this book but anyone with some IGCSE knowledge can enjoy it. In fact, many of my friends who have tried this book who do not have mathematical backgrounds have been taken away by how interesting the story is."