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Secondary Sports Day 2021

Apr 01 2021

Students in Years 7, 8 and 9 were excited to get back to school competition this week when they participated in the Key Stage 3 Sports Day. The day was very much about inclusivity and having fun, but ensuring there was stiff competition too. Students in Year 10 were a great help, supporting staff in the running of events and setting up activities.  Students took part in a variety of athletic and field events, including running, shot putt and high jump, as well as fun events such as the obstacle course, shooting at goal and the space hopper race. With points earned for every event, Garuda were the overall winners. The day was very much about supporting your House and team spirit, and with parents in attendance, there was very good reason for all competitors to give it their best. And with parents in mind, there was a very keenly contested parents Vs. staff space hopper race to finish off the day.


More Photos Link: https://bit.ly/3cHfTYK