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Teacher's favourite book

Dec 09 2022

To bring the #loveofreading to everyone and share ideas about your favorite book!

Mr John Lambert, our Head of Secondary shares that, the favorite book he’s currently reading is "Dictator" by Robert Harris. 

 What is it about? 
“It’s about the Roman Empire in 50 BC, and the life of the statesmen Cicero and his secretary, Tiro (real characters of the time). Cicero finds himself going head to head with Julius Caesar (the great Roman General). Dictator describes a plausible end to the Roman Republic as it might have been experienced by Cicero, his family, friends, and enemies.” 
 Why do I like this book? 
“The book is gripping from the first page, and the author is respected for the historical accuracy he uses when writing fiction. This is a great story of intrigue, warring, and daily life that brings the Roman Empire to life.”

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