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Wai Kru 2022

Oct 10 2022

St. Stephen's celebrated Wai Kru or Teacher Appreciation Days in the Early Years, Primary and Secondary phases; an important celebration in Thai culture where students show respect and gratitude to their teachers for the knowledge they have given them, and for the gift of learning. Wai Kru is celebrated near the beginning of a school year to welcome students back and bring good luck to everyone in the coming year. Thai custom dictates that it is held on a Thursday as it is considered an auspicious day of the week dedicated to teachers. 
During the ceremonies students present symbolic flowers on a "Phan" tray to their teachers, recite a traditional Thai poem dedicated to teachers, and give them handmade cards with messages of appreciation. 
These ceremonies provided the perfect balance between respect and gratitude that students have for their teachers, and the admiration and high esteem that teachers hold their students in. We would like to wish all our students a year of success ahead.

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