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Wai Kru Ceremony Early Years

Sep 27 2019

Wai Kru Day is always a special day for Early Years children.  They are excited to bring the Ixora flowers to give to the teachers on Wai Kru Day.  All of them had practised how to wai the teachers with good manners. 

Today, the children gathered together in their Wai Kru Ceremony with their teachers and parents. Student representatives from each class showed their respects to their teachers with a very good manners and they learned to listen attentively.

In the ceremony, the video of students’ interview showed a good impression of how thoughtful and lovely they are.  It reflected on the love of children towards their teachers and the school.  They showed very good skill in speaking English fluently in the interview.  

A singing performance from Primary students was very impressive.  They sang a Thai song called “The Third Benefactor (พระคุณที่สาม) ”.  They practised this song diligently to express how thankful they feel towards their teachers.

A special thanks to Early Years parents who prepared a bouquet of Ixora flowers for their children to give to the teachers for this special ceremony. 
We hope this year children will have a good start in a new academic year and be successful in their learning.