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Year 1 JS Assembly

Jan 21 2020

Last week the Year 1JS pupils performed their very first Primary assembly. The children presented their very own quiz show ' Guess the Holiday using Kahoot. Each class in the Primary school were given an iPad and listened to children from Year 1JS talk about where they went on their holidays, they then used Kahoot to play the quiz and guess the holiday destinations. It was a very exciting quiz show and each class did a great job at guessing the holidays, the very proud winners were Year 1RS.

Following this the pupils from Year 1JS talked about their New Year resolutions which centered around our Student Profile dispositions. Some students wanted to be more cooperative, others aimed to be more inquisitive and compassionate. Mira wanted to take more risks and did a super cartwheel on the stage. Finally all the children resolved to try their best and be 'The Eye of the Tiger' a song which they performed to finish their assembly which  the rest of the Primary pupils joined in with. It was such an exciting and fun assembly enjoyed by all.

Well done Year 1JS !