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Year 11 visited the HIV and AIDS hospice

Feb 06 2023

On Wednesday students visited an HIV and AIDS hospice at Wat Prabat Nampu. All of the patients are being treated for HIV, and most of the patients in the ward are bedridden. Students talked to the patients and staff, and asked questions about life at the hospice and living with HIV. Sadly,  one bed was empty as a patient had passed away due to COVID because of health complications. He was an artist, and the other patients said he was much missed as he was a good person and very interesting to talk to. As well as donating a cheque for 20,000 baht from the Community Service Fund, students gave the hospice a variety of basic medical items and pampers which they had paid for themselves, and are used daily in caring for the patients. This is an act of gratitude that is commonplace amongst our students, who are so willing to help those who are in the most unfortunate circumstances.