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Year 8 Trip to Khao Yai

Nov 12 2020

Last week, Year 8 students visited Khao Yai. Highlights of the trip included a visit to an elephant sanctuary to help take care of an elderly elephant and have a water fight with a young, energetic elephant. You can guess who won! Students also went on a hike through the national park to explore the vegetation and wildlife. The visit to Pete Maze was 'amazing' and whilst everyone got lost, they eventually found their way out. They were able to explore The EGAT power station Learning Center to gain an understanding of power generation in Thailand. The stand out activity was in a local school, where students taught English lessons they had created to Primary students in a Government school in Pak Chong. And finally, no Khao Yai trip would be complete without games like the low ropes course and other team-building games. Students worked hard, played hard and learned so much, and can't wait for their Year 9 residential trip in 2021.