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Year 9 Ayuttaya Trip

Nov 11 2019

Year 9 visited Ayuttaya last week. They started the day off at Wat Yai Chai Mongkhon where the students learned some Thai History, practised some field sketching and carried out a questionnaire for Geography.  They then went to Wat Mahathat (the one with the Buddha face in the tree) where they carried out some more questionnaires and performed some traffic and pedestrian counts. In the afternoon they went to Baan Hollandia to learn about the Dutch settlement's history and its ties to Thailand both in the past and present.  There is also a good display there about the strategies the Netherlands has used to deal with its very low elevation and rising sea levels which was important because last term in Geography, students had been looking at issues and solutions to city development in Bangkok. One of the biggest problems here is that the city is sinking and sea levels are rising. Perhaps we have a budding civil engineer, architect or town planner in the making.