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Fashion Show

On Tuesday 7 February, students from  Year 10 took part in a Fashion Show with a difference.  The challenge—they had to make their outfits out of materials that could be reused.  The students learnt about design, how to conserve limited resources and also had a lot of fun! 


Thai Dyeing at Klang Dong

On the last dorm trip of the year, the boarding students undertook Thai Dyeing at Klang Dong. They learnt methods to prepare their cloth before dyeing it.  Some marvellous patterns have emerged - well done everyone for a very creative visit.


Dorm Trip to Khao Yai Farm

Farms are popular places to visit in Khao Yai, and the dorm students not wanting to be outdone by Early Years  had their own farm visit to Khao Yai Farm on Saturday 28 May.  As well as looking at the animals and feeding them, they undertook some craft work and some cooking too.


Early Years Trip to Green Me Farm

On Friday 27 May the Early Years students took a trip to Green Me Organic Farm to complete their unit on plants and insects. The students learned about how different insects are helpful to the farm and how to take care of each insect. The students were able to pick mulberries from the vines, trim lettuce plants, and dig up sweet potatoes to take home! Their favourite part of the trip was feeding the cows, goats, pigs, and chickens, as well as petting and holding the rabbits. It was a very busy day on the farm!



Year 10 went to visit Pra Prang in Wat Ratchaburana

Our Year 10 IGCSE Thai students have studied how to write a short story based on a real piece of historical information and had a chance to study deeply about the famous Wat Ratchaburana gold treasure robbery.  On Friday 13 May, Year 10 went to visit Pra Prang in Wat Ratchaburana, the real robbery site and Chao Sarm Phraya Museum where the gold objects from Wat Ratchaburana crypt were displayed. It was a real jaw-dropping exhibition! Our students were really excited to see the real Ayutthaya gold artifacts which have outstanding craftsmanship.


Dorm Trip To Sky Diving Centre

On Saturday 26th Feb the dorm students went on their first trip for several months as the Covid-19 restrictions have been eased. They went to learn about the safety precautions and physics of parachuting at Sky Dive Thailand. The students listened attentively to the German instructor, watched videos and saw several perfect landings. The emphasis on safety with computerised parachute packs and regular checks from the USA licensing authorities was very reassuring. Afterwards, with another return to normality, the students were able to enjoy a short visit to a local shop to buy snacks.