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Online Learning at St. Stephen's

Aug 26 2021

Mrs. Morakod Kijmongkoltham
Mummy of Bay in Year 1 and Belle in Nursery 2020-21 (now Year 2 and KG)
"First of all I would like to say a big thank you to the school for the best of preparations  even though we have so many pressures from the Covid 19 situation, especially the Year 1 and Early Years teams. I realise that they are working so hard and that they try their best to support us and provide the best quality online learning for our children.
Our family is very confident that St.Stephen's has a strong curriculum. Even though we need to have online learning instead of learning at school, our children can keep developing their learning and development of EQ and IQ. I have noticed that Bay and Belle enjoy learning online because the activities that the teacher assigns are very challenging, creative and are based on the curriculum that they need to learn for their age.
This year was our first time joining Nursery with online learning. I'm very impressed. The teachers work very closely with the parents. Although we sometimes have to apply a little pressure with the children during online learning I can see Belle's happiness. She is willing to do the activities with her class. She loves to answer the teachers' questions and exchange her opinion in the group. I am very proud of her development during online learning. I also think it's the best opportunity to let the parents observe the children's learning so we can support the learning effectively. We  receive so many suggestions from the teacher. The teachers always give positive and constructive comments when the parents create and share the observations of the children's learning so we know what we should do for the next step.
For Bay's learning I can see his big progress. He is developing in many areas: English, Maths, Mandarin, Thai, PE, Music etc. Although some activities are very challenging Bay has lots of fun and tries to do them. He feels more confident and proud of his work. That makes me feel comfortable and willing to let Bay join online learning even though I know some subjects are difficult to do during online learning and maybe it's not good as learning at school. I'm very happy to support his online learning.
Although online learning is not the best learning model for the children in this age I believe and can see the teachers intentions, including my children's positive development. I'm sure this is the best learning model for this situation. I very much appreciate that the school always thinks of the children's benefits and provides the best online learning for us."